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Re-mapping 'cuts fuel costs'

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Jun 11 2012

A motor electrician is promising taxi, bus and coach companies and transport firms "substantial" savings on their fuel spending.

Charlie Morgan, who runs a mobile service, Mottec Automotive, in Gloucester, says engine re-mapping has gradually grown from being a strategy used by drivers wanting more power in their cars into a way to enhance fuel economy and cut down on emissions.

He says the technique takes around two hours, during which time he re-programmes the software on the car's engine control unit.

He also says the practice is covered by insurance and does not affect the vehicle's warranty or insurance premiums, provided the improvement is undertaken for economising.

Mr Morgan estimates that with the service priced from £225, an average fuel saving of 10-12% will pay for itself in just 10,000 miles.

He said: "The more recent the vehicle, the more scope there is, but the process will work for any company looking to save fuel costs and reduce CO2 emissions.

"It could be just one car, or a company with a fleet of vehicles - any firm that is feeling the pressure of rising fuel costs can save themselves money."

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