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Olympic Delivery Routes get automated

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Dec 15 2011

Transport operators have been provided with software functionality in order to be able to manage the movement of vehicles, including cars that have been leased out by contract hire, along routes that are disrupted by traffic during the course of next year's London Olympic and Paralympic Games. The software comes from Paragon Software Systems and enables users to be able to model how congestion, road closures and the increased demand for consumables may affect operations, as well as other considerations such as how to handle alterations to delivery times, delivery frequency and unloading times.

A poll of Paragon Software Systems customers that was taken recently suggests that nearly 72 per cent of businesses have already started planning for the challenges that will be posed by the games. The start of the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics is now as little as just eight months away, and Paragon Software Systems says it is keen to assist its clients to be able to keep to an absolute minimum level the almost certain disruption that will be caused to any logistics operation in London as a result.

Paragon has used information, which was recently supplied to them by Transport for London (TfL) in order to develop prepared data files, and functionality that will be able to be made use of in a Paragon system. Because of this, users can now take on issues including the likes of identifying delivery points that could be affected and figuring out ahead of time the areas where congestion is most likely to have an impact.

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