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Nissan unveils its new London cab

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Aug 9 2012

London streets will soon see a new version of the 'black cab' with the unveiling of Nissan's NV200 London Taxi.

Nissan is spotlighting the new taxi's eco-credentials, saying the NV200 model will put out 50% less CO2 and be 50% more fuel efficient than the best model on the streets today.

Driving an average of 120 miles each day, a London cab driver could save almost £700 a year with the new car.

The new cab is set to appear on London streets in spring 2014. It has already been named Tokyo's new official cab and has also garnered the title of New York City's exclusive 'Taxi of Tomorrow'.

The Nissan NV200 will be a third option for the 22,600 cab drivers in London, who now choose from the traditional LTI TX4 and the Mercedes Vito.

The Nissan will cost quite a bit less than the London Taxi Company's new TX4 model, the company said, opening up competition.

The NV200 will put out 139g/km of CO2 emissions, and its output of dangerous nitrogen oxide and particulates will meet the Transport for London and the Greater London Authority targets.

The 1.5 litre engine of the NV200 can get 53.3 miles to the gallon, which is considerably more than the best current alternative model, which gets 35.3 miles to the gallon.

In the run-up to the introduction of the Nissan NV200, London cab drivers will have to consider their increased options and whether it would be best to opt for car leasing or a business contract hire for the new car.

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