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New Smart Telematics system launched by Navman Wireless

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Apr 24 2012

Navman Wireless introduced a brand new vehicle performance and driver behaviour monitoring solution yesterday. The brand new "Smart Telematics" system is powered by the company's vehicle tracking platform OnlineAVL, which has been created for giving fleet managers vitally important data relating to driver and vehicle behaviour. It has the aim of allowing businesses to be able to make informed decisions that can help to improve the safety of drivers, including those who may be driving vehicles that have been rented out on car leasing schemes, cut down on fuel consumption and CO2 emissions and extends the life of equipment.

The system also has the advantage of complete vehicle adaptability. The company says that it can be installed on cars, vans, HGV, LGV, and works by taking live information from the engine and then analysing and sending it to fleet managers in a "user friendly" format that is easy to understand.

"We are committed to advancing technology to make data more valuable and relevant," says the European vice president of Navman Wireless, Steve Blackburn. "Smart Telematics has been designed to ensure data can be easily integrated into daily business life, the key to which is presenting it in a useable format. Many fleet managers are using telematics to carefully monitor the driving habits of their drivers, but unless data is truly dynamic, clearly presented and immediately useful, it may not be easy to see where improvements can be made."

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