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Mycompanyfleet launches fleet solution for NHS

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Apr 13 2012

Mycompanyfleet has launched a brand new solution to help manage NHS Trust car schemes, with the intention of reducing the amount of administrative costs and effort involved in the operation of the health service fleet. The brand new system is completely automated and it offers full life cycle management of all vehicles that are on the fleet. These include those that may have been rented out on a contract hire basis, from cradle to grave.

The system supports all of the NHS Trust car schemes, and it will give drivers the full online details regarding the vehicles they can select and their available car allowance. Once the system has helped to identify all of the suitable vehicles, it then manages all of the in-life services including the likes of service reminders, road fund licence reminders, mileage capture and MOTS when due as well as end of life calculations, all via a completely automated emailing and letter production solution.

The system also enables NHS Trusts to identify drivers who may be going over their agreed upon contract mileage and can notify them of possible out of contract costs. The features could help to reduce the administrative burden on fleet managers in the health sector by between 40 to 50 per cent.

"We are completely confident that our new fleet software solution for managing NHS Trust car schemes is the most comprehensive system of its kind so far produced in the UK," says Mycompanyfleet's business development manager, Joe Tandy.

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