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Fleets on repair alert thanks to potholes

Apr 27 2012

The increase in potholes, as reported by the most recent roads survey, will mean an increase in vehicles on the road, including cars that have been rented out on contract hire schemes, which have defective or damaged windscreens, says National Mobile Windscreens.

The new survey from the Asphalt Industry Alliance discovered that there is a shortfall of as much as £800 million in the budgets for highway maintenance with local authorities, and that it will take up to approximately 11 years to make up for the backlog of work, even if repairs commenced today. The survey also found that getting roads back up to a reasonable condition would cost around £10 billion, while complaints about roads have gone up by 10 per cent, with compensation claims likewise soaring.

“Our safety surveys of major vehicle fleets show that some 20 per cent of vehicles have damaged or defective windscreens, and this will only increase as the state of our roads continues to deteriorate,” says sales and marketing director Martyn Bennett. “Many of the defects we find require immediate attention, while many others can lead to a glass failure if repairs or replacement are delayed.”

Although some fleet operators are checking and repairing their vehicles, National Mobile Windscreens says that others are reluctant to carry out general windscreen safety inspections, or will postpone repair work due to the demanding nature of their work schedules. “But it is important to identify any vehicle glass defect and to delay any repair or replacement is a false economy,” Bennett adds.

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