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Five jailed in luxury fleet theft

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Aug 17 2012

Four men and a woman have been sentenced for a total of 12 years in prison after playing their part in a £1.25-million supercar scam in Birmingham.

The gang targeted the owners of luxury vehicles in a fleet heist that showed remarkable similarities to Nicholas Cage and Angelina Jolie's Hollywood blockbuster, Gone in 60 Seconds.

West Midlands Police said that officers investigating the thefts found a meticulous-looking 'to-do' list, which detailed the precise roles that every member would play in the scam.

Amjad Waseem, 29, Dean Bott, 44, Paula Donnelly, 31, Abdul Nasir Khan, 25, and 31-year-old Asmat Masood were all sentenced at Birmingham Crown Court having pleaded guilty on conspiracy to steal.

Nabeel Farid, 31 and Heather Downing, 30, both pleaded guilty to the same charges but have yet to be sentenced.

The gang were charged with conspiracy to steal in connection with the theft of 39 cars, which they then planned to sell on to unsuspecting customers.

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