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FTA to make licence checking simpler

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Apr 26 2012

The Freight Transport Association, in collaboration with the Licence Bureau, is now able to offer a driver licence checking service that is specifically tailored for members of the Freight Transport Association.

Companies are required by health and safety legislation to have a robust procedure for the checking of the driver's licenses of everyone who is behind the wheel of their vehicles, be it buses, coaches, HGVs, vans or company cars that have been either purchased or are on loan from a contract hire company.

The internal checking of driver's licences can be both inefficient and very time consuming, and it is also a worrying reality that licenses that have been disqualified or revoked or that may be provisional or have expired, cannot always be identified as such when they are checked in this manner, especially if the drivers have obtained duplicate licences.

The new driver licence checking service means that this often very labour intensive job can now be carried out on behalf of customers. The experience of the Licence Bureau so far shows that customers who make use of its services have managed to be able to achieve a very high level of driver compliance within just the initial three to six weeks following enrolment in the scheme. The Licence Bureau can also give customers same day alerts for very high risk drivers and the service includes listing the licence category details, photo card and licence expiry alert and details of endorsements and disqualifications.

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