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FSG will introduce fleet analysis solution

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Apr 19 2012

Fleet operating data, including for vehicles that have been rented out on car leasing schemes, is to be available in real time online to customers of the Fleet Support Group later this year, in a move that is intended to cut running costs further.


The parent company of the Fleet Support Group, Automotive Resources International, has rolled out the capability to over 40 customers in North America already, and the company's director of client information systems, Tony Candeloro, demonstrated the technology at the spring meeting of the Group's advisory car panel, which is composed primarily of customers to fleet decision makers.


"Our exclusive technology is a game-changer in the fleet business," says Candeloro. "Data is interpreted and reports are available instantly on a customer's computer dashboard. In tests, data processing that used to take seven and a half hours can be done in mere seconds. Fleet managers are inundated with reports and tons of data. This groundbreaking technology puts all reports in memory and analytical reports on any aspect of the fleet are available in milliseconds."


Geoffrey Bray, the chairman and founder of the Fleet Support Group, says that all fleets are looking to try and reduce as much cost as they can and that the exclusive analytic technology they are offering has a capability which no other supplier is able to match. He adds that fleet operators will be able to dig down into finite details in order to examine both overall costs and any individual areas of expenditure by driver and vehicle, so that they can undertake their own, trend analysis and benchmarking.

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