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FDs want suppliers to help improve fleet efficiency

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Apr 17 2012

Yesterday, ALD Automotive revealed the results of their most recent YouGov survey. It revealed that as many as six out of ten businesses in the United Kingdom that employ more than 500 staff members want their fleet supplier to start focusing on improving productivity and efficiency when it comes to their management of their fleet. This includes those vehicles that may have been rented out on car leasing schemes.

The price of fuel has reached record highs of more than 140p per litre and motoring groups are predicting that it will reach 150p over the course of the next couple of months. Because of this, large businesses in the United Kingdom are more and more turning to their fleet suppliers in order to get strategic advice on how they can go about cutting costs and increase the productivity and efficiency of their fleets.

Although a cost effective fleet policy that has been funded in the most efficient possible manner are key considerations, ALD Automotive says that it is “on the road where significant savings and improved efficiency can also be delivered”. Telematics is one technology that businesses are continuing to embrace in order to deliver savings on cost, with a particular emphasis being made on assisting to cut their fuel bills.

“As the fuel price continues to rise and the costs attributed to running a fleet of company vehicles increases, it has become increasingly important for UK fleet management providers to develop strategies and solutions to help their customers achieve improved levels of efficiency and productivity,” says ALD Automotive UK managing director Keith Allen.

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