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Diesel cars only cheaper over 10,000m

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May 2 2012

Sky-high fuel prices have boosted demand for diesel vehicles of late, but a study has revealed that many diesel motorists are not driving them over long enough distances to make them more economical than petrol vehicles.

Car valuation expert Glass's Guide has revealed that motorists need to notch up at least 10,000 miles in order for a diesel vehicle to be cheaper.

Given the fact that diesel vehicles are initially more expensive than their petrol counterparts - in some cases as much as £2,000 dearer - it will take many miles to claw back that extra outlay via fuel efficiency.

It is thought that the majority of the UK's 8.7 million diesel vehicle owners are wasting money because they do not travel enough miles in them to make the required savings.

Despite this fact, diesel vehicle sales reached a new record last year when they outstripped sales of petrol vehicles for the first time. Some 981,594 new diesel vehicles were sold, almost 50,000 more than the number of petrol vehicles purchased.

Adrian Rushmore, Glass's Guide managing editor, said: "Sooner or later, buyers will realise you actually have to do 10,000 miles or so to recoup the cost."

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