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Dangers of part worn tyres exposed

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Apr 30 2012

Drivers, including company car drivers who may be behind the wheel of vehicles which have been rented out on contract hire schemes, are putting their lives and the lives of other road users at risk by using part worn tyres, campaign group TyreSafe claims.

The campaign group has issued a warning after a nationwide investigation which took place over the course of a month, where it bought a random sample of around 50 part worn tyres. An independent tyre expert inspected the tyres, with the results being alarming to say the least, 98 per cent of the tyres were actually being sold illegally, with more than a third of them containing potentially dangerous forms of non-compliance or damage. Serious safety breaches included the likes of unsafe and dangerous repairs as well as bead damage, exposed cords and evidence of run-flat damage.

"Although a number of clear regulations exist which permit the sale of part worn tyres, it's obvious from our investigation that these are not being adhered to," says the chairperson of TyreSafe, Stuart Jackson. "Not only are drivers putting their own lives at risk, but they are also endangering their passengers, which in many cases may be their children, and other road users. Before buying part worn tyres, I would urge drivers to ask themselves if the risk of buying part worn tyres is really worth it."

Jackson adds that knowing the history of a part worn tyre is impossible even it has been correctly marked.

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