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Car production to rocket

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Jun 13 2012

The volume of motor car production could reach record-breaking levels in the coming years due to recent investments that have reached multi-billion pound levels.

Thousands of jobs will be created as car production is expanded following investment, that has been announced in the last 18 months. The increase in production levels will probably make more cars available for personal contract hire.

It has been estimated that two million cars could be produced during 2015 - beating the record of 1972 when 1.92 million were manufactured in the UK. The figures were release ahead of the international automotive summit on Wednesday run by the Society of Motor Manufacturers (SMMT).

If the predicted levels are reached in 2015 this would register over 50% manufacturing output increase compared to the 1.3million units in 2011.

SMMT's chief executive Paul Everitt, said: "The UK automotive industry is leading economic recovery with increased manufacturing output, growing export volumes and new jobs being created on the back of major international investment in the sector. "Our engineering expertise, workforce flexibility and renowned motoring heritage, combined with top level collaboration between industry and Government, makes the UK an important location for the global automotive industry.

"The UK has attracted unprecedented levels of new investment and has a tremendous opportunity to see vehicle manufacturing rise to record levels in the years ahead."

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